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Designer Milton Glaser dead at 91



June 27 (UPI) — Milton Glaser, a graphic designer remembered for brightly colored posters, magazines, book covers and record sleeves — and the iconic “I NY” logo — died on Friday, his 91st birthday.

According to Glaser’s wife, Shirley, he died of a stroke, but had also suffered from renal failure.

Glaser also made his mark in publishing as part of a small team that reinvented the Sunday edition of the recently-defunct New York Herald Tribune as New York magazine.

“If they’re talented and they’re lucky, designer-artist-creators get to lob an icon out into the larger culture – Leo Fender’s Stratocaster guitar, say, or Shepard Fairey’s Obama poster. If they’re great, maybe they create two. Milton Glaser, though, operated on another plane – he just kept hitting the bull’s-eye, again and again, throughout his seven decades as an illustrator, graphic designer, art director, and visual philosopher and paterfamilias,” said the magazine’s obituary for Glaser.

Born in 1929 to Hungarian immigrants, Glaser took drawing classes with Raphael and Moses Soyer, the social realist artists, then enrolled in the High School of Music & Art in Manhattan (now the Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts).

He then worked for a package-design company before enrolling at the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art.

Glaser graduated in 1951 and won a Fulbright scholarship to the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, Italy

In 1954, Glaser opened Push Pin Studios with several Cooper Union classmates in and launched a promotional publication called the Push Pin Almanack, later renamed Push Pin Monthly Graphic, credited with opening up design to a wider range of influences and styles and grabbing the attention of magazines and advertising agencies.

“We were excited by the very idea that we could use anything in the visual history of humankind as influence,” Glaser said.

For one of his best-known designs, a colorful 1967 poster included in “Bob Dylan‘s Greatest Hits,” Glaser created an outline of the singer’s head that was inspired by Marcel Duchamp as well as Islamic art.

In 1977 Glaser — working pro bono for the New York State Department of Commerce as part of a campaign to bring tourists to New York State — drew “I NY” in crayon on the back of an envelope in a taxi cab.

He expected the campaign to last just a couple of months.

Instead it became a widely recognized symbol of New York City, enjoying enduring popularity throughout the 1980s and a revival after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks felled the city’s Twin Towers.

“I’m flabbergasted by what happened to this little, simple nothing of an idea,” Glaser said in 2011.

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Look: Wells Adams voices love for Sarah Hyland on her birthday



Nov. 24 (UPI) — Wells Adams is celebrating his fiancée, Sarah Hyland, on her 30th birthday.

The 36-year-old television personality marked the occasion Tuesday by dedicating a sweet post to Hyland on Instagram.

Adams shared a slideshow of photos of Hyland and voiced his love for the actress in the caption.

“Happy 30th birthday @sarahhyland! Here’s a bunch of pictures that make me very excited about the next 30! Especially the last one,” he wrote. “I love you the moistest! Sorry, mostest! To Pluto and back!”

Hyland’s Modern Family co-star Jesse Tyler Ferguson and actresses Vanessa Hudgens and Katie Stevens also wished Hyland a happy birthday on social media.

“Happy Birthday @sarahhyland. I have so many good memories with you over the last 12 years. Here is one of them. (Walking down stairs like @thechristinequinn),” Ferguson captioned a video with Hyland.

“Happy birthday @sarahhyland you goddess warrior,” Hudgens wrote.

“Happy 30th to my Sagittarius sister for life @sarahhyland! Thank you for always being there for me, for supporting me, and for never judging me on my ‘Monica’ tendencies,” Stevens said.

Hyland and Adams got engaged in July 2019 after nearly two years of dating. The couple first connected on Twitter after Adams sent Hyland a direct message.

Hyland and Adams were to marry Aug. 8 but postponed their wedding due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The couple spent their would-be wedding day at a vineyard.

“A couple, a pandemic, & a postponed wedding: A series. We were supposed to get married today. Instead… we took pictures and drank wine. I love you to Pluto & back @wellsadams,” Hyland said on Instagram.

Hyland played Haley Dunphy on the ABC series Modern Family, which ended in April after 11 seasons. Adams appeared in Joelle “JoJo” Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette and later served as a bartender on Bachelor in Paradise.

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Watch: Momoland shares ‘Ready or Not’ performance video



Nov. 24 (UPI) — South Korean girl group Momoland has released a new performance video.

The K-pop stars shared a performance video Tuesday for the song “Ready or Not.”

The new video shows the members of Momoland performing a dance routine. The group wears colorful and playful coordinating outfits.

“Ready or Not” is the title track from Momoland’s new single album of the same name, released last week. The album also includes the song “Merry Go Round.”

Momoland previously released an official music video for “Ready or Not” that shows the group dancing and eating sweets.

Ready or Not is Momoland’s first release since the EP Starry Night, released in June. The group released its debut studio album, Chiri Chiri, in September 2019.

Momoland consists of Ahin, Jane, JooE, Hyebin, Nancy and Nayun. The group made its debut in 2016.

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‘The Flight Attendant’ star Kaley Cuoco: ‘I’ve loved being scared’



LOS ANGELES, Nov. 23 (UPI) — Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco, known for her comedic roles, said she has enjoyed taking on a darker role in the new HBO Max thriller series The Flight Attendant, in which she stars and serves as executive producer.

“I’ve loved being scared,” Cuoco said on a recent Television Critics Association panel. “It’s been completely new and different.”

Cuoco portrays Cassie, an airline flight attendant who becomes caught up in a murder. She has a fling with one of her passengers, Alex (Michiel Huisman), on an overnight layover, and wakes up with his dead body.

She has little memory of her night with Alex, as she has a history of blackouts from drinking. She doesn’t think she killed Alex, but she’s trying to piece together the evening without incriminating herself.

In a panic, she leaves evidence that she tampered with the crime scene. Cassie then lives in fear of either being caught by police or pursued by the real killers.

The 34-year-old said The Flight Attendant has some humor mixed with its intense situations. For example, Alex continues to appear to Cassie as a figment of her imagination, helping her recall events of their night together.

“The tone has been a fascinating challenge,” Cuoco said. “We really have ridden a fine line because dark stuff happens, but there is levity.”

The character already had been on shaky footing before she became embroiled in a death — she drank heavily and often showed up late for work. Cuoco says she has been able to bring her comedic instincts to some of Cassie’s more bumbling moments.

“I just love the art of making someone laugh, and not taking yourself too seriously,” Cuoco said.

Creator and executive producer Steve Yockey adapted Chris Bohjalian’s 2018 book of the same name for television. Cuoco says Yockey and the writers got to know her sense of humor and added it to subsequent scripts.

“Our creative team, who really got to learn my voice, put those Kaley-isms in [the scripts].”

As an executive producer, Cuoco helped to obtain the rights to Bohjalian’s book.

Cuoco said she has been looking at books over the past few years to produce but nothing excited her. But, she said, The Flight Attendant‘s synopsis on Amazon sold her on the book before she read it. After she read it, she won the rights in a bidding war. She brought the property to Warner Bros., the studio that produced The Big Bang Theory and the animated Harley Quinn series for which Cuoco provides a voice.

Warner Bros. connected Cuoco with Yockey. The studio also added veteran Warner Bros. Television producers Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter to The Flight Attendant. Casting the supporting characters also helped balance the darkly comedic tone, Cuoco said.

“We have so many funny actors that can make those quirky moments be a little lighter,” Cuoco said

Cassie’s team of flight attendants includes Megan (Rosie Perez), Van (Nolan Gerard Funk) and Shane (Griffin Matthews). Cuoco said she begged Perez to play the role. Perez said she got along better with Cuoco in real life than their characters do.

“Megan just doesn’t have too much of a life outside of the plane,” Perez said. “So she tolerates Cassie because she clings onto her friendship. That sounds so pathetic and sad, but it’s true.”

Cuoco said once The Flight Attendant received a green light, she started to study flight attendants whenever she traveled. Viewers will see some of the subtle mannerisms Cuoco learned from observation.

“You start seeing what they’re doing when they’re making the drinks and how they talk to each other and how they react to passengers,” Cuoco said. “They take their heels off and they put their comfy shoes on.”

The first season of The Flight Attendant promises to resolve the mystery of Alex’s death. Yockey and Cuoco both have ideas for a next season should The Flight Attendant be renewed.

“Oh, we have plans for another season,” Cuoco assured.

The Flight Attendant premieres Thursday on HBO Max.

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